What Is Malaysia Window Film Association(MWFA)

06/09/2018 17:15

The newly-established Malaysia Window Film Association (MWFA) held a press conference today urging government ministries and agencies to review the soon-to-be-implemented MS2669 automotive window tint standard, which is set to come into force on January 1, 2018.

The organisation, comprised of window film dealers, distributors and manufacturers, said that the new ruling set by the Department of Standards Malaysia was developed without the input of industry players. It also wanted to defer the implementation of film testing and installation of QR code security labels, of which test lab QAV Technologies would be the solely responsible of.

Contention mostly centred around the fact that the MS2669 standard was developed together with the Auto Audio Accessories and Air-Condition Traders Association (AAA), which does not represent the majority of companies in the window film industry, MWFA stated. It added that MWFA members were not represented nor engaged in talks to provide insight and knowledge on the impact of the standard’s implementation.

One of the issues raised was in regards to bubbling of the film, which AAA stated is caused by the quality of the window tint tools . “It can be that the film itself has reached the end of its life cycle [warranty period],” said vice president Ng Jun Jie, who is also the managing director of Totalgard Manufacturing.

The association also found issue with the planned implementation of QR code labels, which in its current form is said to have the potential to compromise the quality of the film itself and tinting tools, being placed between the window and the film. It also stated that its members may not be able to absorb the cost of the labels (they are provided to the customer free of charge), said to cost RM20 per car.